Chinese Ingredients

a selection of the extensive range of Chinese ingredients that we stock:

Beancurd (tofu)
Chilli bean paste
Chinese chilli oil
Chinese mushrooms (straw and shiitake)
Chinese sausage (lap chong)
Chinese sesame paste
Chinkiang black rice vinegar
Dried shrimp
Fermented black beans
Fish sauce
Groundnut (peanut) oil
Lotus leaves
Oyster sauce
Preserved mustard greens
Red bean curd (gui gee)
Rice stick noodles
Rice vinegar
Shrimp paste
Sichuan peppercorns
Soy sauce (light and dark)
Spring roll wrappers
Toasted sesame oil
Vermicelli noodles
Vietnamese rice wrappers
Water chestnuts
White pepper
Wonton wrappers


The Complete Sushi Set

The Complete Sushi Set. Now available instore and online along with a range of other gift sets.



Donabe Pots


Our Japanese Donabe pots are more than perfect for the Hay Roasted Chicken by Tom Kerridge. Click here for the recipe>>




Cat Design Cards

Our new range of cat design cards from Japan - now in stock!


Middle Eastern Ingredients

Here is a selection of ingredients we stock from the Middle East:


Anar Kaneh / Pomegranate Seeds

Barberries - These sharp berries are used in tagines and casseroles.

Black Cumin Seeds - Fragrant and more subtle than regular cumin seeds.

Dried Limes / Loomi - One of the quintessential flavours of Iranian cooking.

Freekeh / Green Wheat - A beautifully aromatic, smoked green cracked wheat. Can be cooked like rice or simply added to soups or stews.

Harisa Paste Tube - Hot and complex, one of the most popular condiments in North African cuisine.

Iranian Sun-dried Apricots - Juicy and delicious. Eat as they are or chop and add to muesli. Can also be soaked and used in tagines.

Moghrabieh / Jumbo Couscous - Very large couscous from Iran, blanche and simmer or boil. Makes a lovely accompaniment.

Orange Water / Rose Water - The distilled blossom of sour oranges and roses respectively. Add a splash to your cocktails, smoothies, salad dressings, marinades or mug of hot chocolate.

Palestinian Maftoul Couscous - Organic hand rolled, sun-dried couscous.

Pomegranate Paste / Molasses - Sharp and sticky, used widely in Middle Eastern countries. Add to sauces, marinades, dressings and casseroles.

Ras-el Hanout - Amazingly complex mix of aromatic spices and herbs. Greatly enhances lamb dishes, also excellent with rice/couscous.

Rose Petals

Verjuice - Unripe grape juice.

Vine Leaves In Brine - To make your own dolmades.




Ferns' Pickles and Pastes

Full range of Ferns' Indian pickles and pastes now back in stock.

Ferns' has carried the rich heritage of fine foods for over 70 years. The classic taste of Fern's pastes and pickles is sought after by gourmands across the world. Fern's products are made from fresh, hand picked ingredients and results in products of superior quality and perfect flavour.





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Exciting new noodle bar now open in Shrewsbury !!

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